Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Halcyon Days

Late Friday morning, I decided to throw a Kentucky Derby party. Because of the short notice, the guest list only consisted of Sean, my sister Rachel, her husband Patrick, and myself. Sean's dog, Pookie, was also present. She loves my cooking, and always sparks a conversation, so she is a great guest!

For the party, I served mint juleps (of course). I used powdered sugar, as other recipes recommend, instead of fine sugar, like the video.

I also attempted to make oven fried chicken from a recipe I found on the Food Network. It did not turn out well. I think it was because I used boneless, skinless chicken, instead of bone-in chicken with skin. I like fried chicken, but I hate the skin. Next year, I will try something else.

However, the food was redeemed by the presence of these biscuits. They have a sweet, creamy, buttery flavor, though there is not much butter in the recipe. After they were gone, I found myself thinking about them, wanting to make another batch. I wanted to hide them, so these morsels of buttery fluff would be all mine. Though the biscuits are very simple to prepare, they are not exactly health food, so I will have to save them for special occasions (does the Preakness count?).

Rachel also made a lemon buttermilk chess pie that she found on the Cooking Light website. She also defrosted some frozen berries and served them on top. The pie tasted a lot like cheesecake, but much lighter. I highly recommend!


  1. Wish I could have been there.

  2. Next year, I will plan things in advance, and have a better party :)