Friday, May 13, 2011


Photo from Urban Comfort

Geez Louise, has it ever been a long week.  About half-way through, I began requiring wine and vast quantities of cake to make it to Friday.  Last night, I spent a couple of hours just looking at pictures of cake.  It was weird. I really have never just sat around, looking at pictures of food before, I swear.  But really, there are some cakes out there in the blogosphere that are really inspiring, and not just for baking. I also recently saw the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings in the grocery store.  While I certainly don't miss planning most parts of a wedding, I'm still interested in looking at wedding cakes (as if you hadn't guessed). Some of the cakes featured looked like wallpaper or embroidery.  And so, I give to you some of my picks for the best of inspirational cakes.

From Martha Stewart Weddings--I think you could hang this display on a wall!

From The Knot--this would make a great girl's birthday cake.

From Martha Stewart Weddings--I love the classic Art Deco style.

From PlanetCake

Martha Stewart Weddings again--I love the color scheme.

More Martha Stewart Weddings--it's a quilt pattern!

And another from Martha Stewart Weddings (they make the best cakes!)--the lines are made to resemble Japanese Sashiko stitching.  It looks so crisp and modern yet sweetly traditional.

From would make a great wall mural

And one more from Martha Stewart Weddings--I think this one is my favorite!

But really, what's a cake worth if it doesn't taste good? Here are some cakes that may be simple, but still look incredibly delicious (some of the links will lead to recipes):

Found on Cookies and Cakes (yes, it's a blog full of nothing but pictures of cookies and cakes)

From Urban Comfort--Red Velvet Cake

From Sweet Paul--Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake

Urban Comfort--yellow cake

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  1. These cakes transcend the traditional boundaries which confine many of the world's bakers! I applaud your eye for deliciously beautiful baked goods and implore you to give us more...the world needs flavor and you are oozing it girl!